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Please enjoy my art with your eyes only. I appreciate comments and favs! Thank you in advance (: All of this is my art.

This is not for you to trace, recolor, heavily refference, steal, clame as your own or share. I put it here for you to look at and maybe even inspire you! Please respect me, and my art, and not do any of the above.




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I do mostly digital but I will do traditional upon request. If you chose a traditional point commission I will mail you the original. Prices will be raised slightly if your character has a complex design.

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. Gold Fox by Abzinhyx
  • Mood: Longing
  • Listening to: Doubt - Twenty One Pilots
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Abzinhyx's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Female - March 21 - ISFP - Aries - Taken

Refer to me as Zyn or Nyx/Nhyx. Either is acceptable!

I am a 20 year old digital artist.
Cars are a passion of mine, especially American Muscle, Classics, and Nissans...
Metal Gear is kinda my thing.


. SA | Judas | Aodh Noble Lord by Abzinhyx
. SA | Judas | Aodh Noble Lord


How you turn my world, you precious thing


Name: Judas
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Color: Strawberry Roan Pintaloosa
Height: 16hh
Orientation: Pansexual

Herd Affiliation: Aodh
Rank: Noble Lord


Outspoken | Naive | Charming | Flamboyant | Dedicated | Oblivious | Dramatic | Generous | Intelligent



. SA | Prophet | Serora Iron Hoof by Abzinhyx
. SA | Prophet | Serora Iron Hoof


I'll give you my life and my pride, to live through tonight


Name: Prophet
Age: 24
Gender:// Stallion / Male
Breed: Akhal-Teke / American Paint
Color: Extreme Black Tovero
Height: 17.2 hh
Orientation: Heterosexual

Herd Affiliation: Serora
Rank: Warrior - Iron Hoof

Previous Affiliation: Aodh Noble Lord

Drive:// Happiness


Selfless | Courageous | Closed | Stubborn | "Realist" | Loyal | Protective | Restless | Reserved | Sincere | Resentful

:bulletgreen: Selfless :bulletgreen:
    Always putting others before himself. Prophet believes it is impossible to be happy if others around you are suffering or hurting in any way. Seeing others smile brings warmth to his heart. It is something that's stuck with him since colthood.

:bulletgreen: Courageous :bulletgreen:
    Courage is beinig scared as Hell, and saddling up anyway. Not much scares Prophet anymore, but fear had never stopped him before. Being weak was never an option. He lays true to the fact that healthy fear is just fine, but he would never allow fear to control him.

:bulletred: Closed :bulletred:
    Prophet tends to open up slowly, if at all. This possibly stems from his distrustful past relationship, but also the need for privacy. Not everyone needs to know all about him or his past, after all. Once he opens up, however, there's nothing he can't trust you with.

:bulletred: Stubborn :bulletred:
    When he believes he's right, he believes it whole-heartedly. It takes a lot to convince him otherwise. Though he tries not to let this interfere with his duties, it proves to be hard to notice or control at times.

:bulletyellow: "Realist" :bulletyellow:
    I'm either right, or pleasantly surprised. (Read: Negative most of the time)

:bulletgreen: Loyal :bulletgreen:
    Not once will he question where his allegiance lies. He'll trust you until given a reason not to, but once you've really proven yourself worthy, you have a brother through anything, til the end.

:bulletgreen: Protective :bulletgreen:
     But do you love it enough to die for it. Once a deep investment is made to something, or someone, there's nothing out of the question to keep it from harm. Prophet would throw himself before any ill-willed individual trying to cause harm. This is especially true to his family and herdmates.

:bulletred: Restless :bulletred:
     This usually sets in at night, or quiet times when he's alone. Prophet usually seeks solace when the restlessness sets in, either in a friend or his wife. Unfortunately it happens quite a bit.

:bulletyellow: Reserved :bulletyellow:
     Having a lot of self control, even able to seem polite around those he doesn't much care for. Prophet keeps things cool and under control at most times. However, on the field of battle this is thrown aside- nothing is reserved in battle, and he becomes volatile.

:bulletgreen: Sincere :bulletgreen:
     Ingrained in him for as long as he can remember. His parents taught him the importance of sincerity, good or bad. If you're going to say something, at least mean it.

:bulletred: Resentful :bulletred:
Over time and experience, Prophet has become somewhat sour to certain things. Aodh leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, along with slavery, for instance. Resentment harbors within his heart, and he wonders if it's possible at all to forgive...


:bulletpink: A meeting by fate :bulletpink:

The Noble Lord, Anhk. A hardworking, honorable stallion of Aodh making his living as a Chevalier. His Pit-Fighters were among the toughest, the most well trained. He adorned them and his other prized slaves with a sliver of respect, and perhaps a bauble to represent their value. His servile slaves used for pleasure were beautiful, kept groomed by servants. They lived relatively easy lives in Anhk's estate, entertaining and keeping it as clean as the day it was brand new.

Starling was an Artisan mare born into her trade. She had no sooner gotten out of her parent's home when she met Anhk for the first time. If love at first sight ever existed, it proved itself when their eyes met. It started with small talk, until Anhk had asked her on their first date. His servants attended to him, adorning him in fine accessories. They met at the chosen time, on the dot, and had a feast suitable for the king himself.

Soon, they became very serious about their relationship. Within a year, Anhk had asked her hand in marriage. Children were but a twinkle in his eye, but his first son would come sooner than the pair expected.

:bulletred: Created of Love :bulletred:

As the couple found out they were expecting, a small amount of concern rose within them. Could they possibly be ready for a child so soon? Of course, wealth was of no worry. Financial support was a certain thing, the child would be well cared for in that respect. It was the relationship, the emotional support of the child that the couple found themselves talking about now.

The colt would come a few weeks early. A lanky, long-legged child, absolutely riddled with cross-like markings. Anhk thought it an omen immediately, though his wife assured him it only meant he had been blessed. The colt was named Prophet, and showered in love. Every day, the new parents would tell their son of how loved he was. When they were away, the servants looked after the colt, and he became rather close to them over time.

Prophet would enjoy a fairly standard colthood. He was absolutely lavished with attention and items, as material value was important in their society. He wore fine headpieces other accessories, though he would ocassionally find them broken via roughhousing with friends. His favorites would be repaired, otherwise they were quickly replaced. One could have called him a spoiled child, had he not been so soft-hearted and kind.

:bulletorange: Carefree :bulletorange:

Prophet grew into a fine young stallion, his gentle soul intact. His respect for his parent's slaves astounded even his father, who had, by most standards, been fair to the servants himself. He was kind to the young mares especially, who swooned over his sweet words and compliments. Despite being somewhat puzzled by their son's nature at times, Starling an Anhk were proud to have raised such a strapping boy.

As he became interested in mares and began dating as a teen, Prophet seemed to have his pick. The opposite sex found his appearance rather charming, and his status. Most were noble ladies themselves, until a particular commoner stole his heart...

Prophet kept her social status a secret from his parents, who never figured to ask. They had assumed she was of an infulencial family, though kept herself rather plain. It mattered very little to them at the time. Their son was happy, and that's all they cared. The young pair spent most of their days together, and Prophet often brought her some kind of gift. Material wealth was, after all, what he'd been taught was important.

The mare adored his gifts. She sometimes was able to bring something to him in return, and Prophet held these items in high esteem. To him, they were his most valuable possessions. Anhk sometimes scoffed at the items, lined up on their shelf in his son's quarters. He would soon teach the young stallion true value. But not in the way that he planned.

:bulletwhite: A Valuable Gift :bulletwhite:

Anhk purchased his son's first Pit-Fighter. A Pegasus stallion with markings not unlike Prophets. At first, Prophet was unsure what to think. Pit Fighting had never really been his focus, nor had he given any real attention to it other than seeing his father's prized fighters. This one in particular had been very expensive. This fighter was named Outlaw.

Prophet, unsure of what to do with these valuable slaves began spending a fair bit of time learning about the sport... From Outlaw himself. As he tried to maintain a balance between time spent with his lover, his friends, and his new... possession, he found that he was becoming very close to the Pegasus stallion. He was very reluctant to see Outlaw thrown into the arena, though he would be there for every fight. His lover soon began to feel neglected, despite seeing Prophet nearly every day.

The young Noble and the Pit Fighter would become close friends. Outlaw was very well cared for and treated more like a brother than a possession. They often joked about being soul brothers, with how alike the two looked. They told eachother everything. His father had tried to teach him true matrial wealth, when in Prophet's eyes, had only truly given him a friend.

The good times would not last forever.

:bulletblack: Alive and Burning :bulletblack:

As time went on, Prophet's lover began to get bored of him. The time they spent together, despite his best efforts, was often met by her subtle disinterest. Prophet's heart hurt for her, wondering what could have gone wrong. In an effort to gain her attention back, he threw marriage onto the table. The possibility of high status caused her ears to perk, but this brought forth another, pressing issue.

She had been unfaithful. As weeks passed, a sneaking suspicion in her gut had told her one thing: she was expecting a foal. The chances of it being Prophets... were slim at best. Rarely had they been intimate, and much less especially as of late. Worry festered in her. Only one other stallions could possibly be the sire. Prophet would surely know upon it's birth. It was only after she told him of the impending child, and Prophet's look of confusion, that she came clean.

Prophet slowly kindled into a rage, demanding to know the identity of the other stallion. As she shakily stuttered out the name, Prophet struck out to find him. A battle violent battle ensued, but just as Prophet was about to strike the final blow, the mare found them, and plead for his life. Outlaw was close behind, there to help soothe his friend. Prophet stood down reluctantly, and returned home with the pegasus.

His parents ultimately found out, and threatened to send the mare and her other lover to the labor slaves... But Prophet surprisingly protested. It was all becoming too much for the usually reserved stallion. On top of hating that his best friend was a slave, his newfound hatred for the place he was raised, unfaithful love, and possible-but-unlikely child, Prophet had enough.

He and Outlaw would leave Aodh.

:bulletorange: It's Do or Die :bulletorange:

The pair wandered for quite some time before landing on Seroran lands. They were exhausted, barely scraping by on what wealth Prophet had brought with them. They were welcomed by Serora, and decided to make this arid place their new home. Prophet ultimately chose to pursue the warrior's path after partaking in what the herd called Spiritual Healing, leaving the old Aodhian way of life and embracing Serora and their God, Alya. Prophet joined the warriors as a rogue-esque Screamer or Fleet Foot, Prophet delved deep into the lifestyle. He trained hard to prove his worth, testing the limits of his body daily. Soon, it looked as if his coat was a size too small for his muscle mass.

Prophet's physique was impressive. He'd grown into his tall stature, and gained confidence and a sense of honor. Serora felt like it had been where he truly belonged all along. The sense of unity and equality resonated in his bones. It was then, that he met Stormcry. He was wary of her at first, as any other mare. She was strong and wonderful, beautiful of course, and eventually Prophet truly opened up to her. They grew very close, though Prophet seemed very hesitant to take further steps into their friendship despite their attraction.

Stormcry would be the first Seroran to hear the full reason of their departure of Aodh. After a long discussion, Prophet finally seemed to gather the faith in her that she was truly different. That she wouldn't cause his heart to ache. They became mates. Prophet shared his joy in Outlaw later that night, and the two would have a small celebration.

:bulletpink: Nothing I've Ever Known :bulletpink:

Prophet and Stormcry would later be married in the traditional way. Their wedding was a grand celebration. Not long after, Prophet would be offered the rank of Iron Hoof, a goal he had made soon after joining Serora and swearing loyalty to the Sultan. He'd been an honorable member of Serora for a few years now, and never ceased to work hard for his warrior brothers, or to earn the Sultan's trust.

Prophet and Stormcry built their home together, and soon, their son Kale arrived. Prophet had never been filled with such love.
**Will write more about Kale upon his submission~**


:bulletred: LOOKING for past lover / possible foal!
:bulletblack: Horns in the headshot are generated by his blessing! (Demonic Affiliation I think is what it's called idr)

. Diamond Dog by Abzinhyx
. Diamond Dog
"I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea... I will always be with you."

In honor of MGSV, have Quiet!Zyn C:

A new concept with white I"m working on. This is an alternate version, the white-free Zyn will still be around

. Lady Cobala by Abzinhyx
. Lady Cobala

Wait. Step into the light... How can this be right?

Name: Syndarlarr Cobala (Syndar) Pronounced: Sin-da-r-lar Co-ball-ah / Cinder
Race: Dark Elf / Drow
Class: Rogue
Background: Underdark Noble

Syndar is a 4th level Drow residing in the city of Angel's Rest.

Her parents sent their only daughter to the surface, among many other fleeing dark elves soon after Ilitheds began to attack the Underdark. The noble and her three familiars emerged from a cave not far from the city where a young boy caught sight of her. The boy would run back to town to report this to Lourant- Angel's Rests' resident Drow of 500 years.
The small group of adventurers, Lourant, Jorah, Wren and Rorich, went to the cave to question her business on the surface. She would not tell them of the horrors unfolding in her home.
The land was in the throes of a civil war, but somehow Syndar ended up sticking around Angel's Rest. She mostly lurks around the guild hall or accompanies the group on adventures.
Syndar aided the castle infiltration team in Grave's overthrow with Jorah and Lourant, while the others fought their way inside. Using her noble status, also commanded a team of 10 drow to aid them in getting guards out of the way to open the drawbridge. However, this means more Drow are finding their way to the surface and the Underdark is a losing battle.



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